Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Fireworks Tips

When it comes to watching fireworks, the best seat in the house is on your boat. These tips will help you enjoy them safely...

Happy 4th of July American Boaters

We ran these tips last year to help boaters enjoy watching fireworks from the water - one of the best seats in the house - and they of course still hold true this year, so we thought we'd share them again.

Have a happy and safe 4th of July with these tips for nighttime boating and fireworks viewing...

Fireworks from the Boat
If you have access to a boat, there really is no better way to watch fireworks on a clear, calm night. However, many of us don't boat at night all that often, and it will be pitch black when the show is over. Will you be prepared to make the journey back to your dock?

Here are a few tips to consider to make the evening more enjoyable...
Bring lights. Before you leave the dock make sure you are prepared for a nighttime cruise home if you are not anchoring for the night.

Don't be a sideshow
. Pick a place where you are out of firing range of the barge from which the pyrotechnics are being launched so you and your guests are safe for the show.

Anchor well. Be sure that your anchor is secure before you settle down for the show (drifting into another boat can really ruin the show).

Stay put. If you are having a cocktail or two, check out in advance if you are anchored somewhere you can stay for the night and do just that - Never drink and operate a boat.

Beware the Barge. If heading home after the show, be careful of the barge. If it is being towed back in or around the same route you are taking, stay out of its way.

Where to find fireworks from your boat
Check your local paper; do a google search; ask around at your marina. Most likely there is a fireworks display over the water near you.

The Log, a west coast boating newspaper, listed several opportunities to see fireworks from your boat in California in their June 2011 issue. Keep in mind they have a disclaimer stating that "All or parts of the information contained in this article might be outdated" so just use it as a starting point if you are in the area.

Photo taken in Norwalk, CT, by Andrew Canepari © Nautical Sites Media 


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