Monday, August 20, 2012

The All New Recreation Dot Gov

Revamped government site aims to fuel economy by helping people to discover America's Outdoors...

New website announced
Photo courtesy of the all new website.

Ken Salazar is the United States Secretary of the Interior, which means, somewhat ironically, that he's in charge of America's great outdoors. He reports right to the President of the United States.

So when Secretary Salazar sends us an unsolicited email, we usually open it. This happened about an hour ago, and this time it was something worth sharing with our audience of recreational boaters. It was about a newly re-tooled website called Recreation.Gov...

The new site
The reason that Mr. Salazar was writing us, in his words, was "to announce a new design, improved navigation tools and expanded content for Recreation.Gov, the interagency website that guides visitors to 90,000 sites on public lands such as national parks, national wildlife refuges, forests, waterways and national recreation areas." Secretary Salazar explained that this is all part of President Obama's effort to increase travel and tourism in order to fuel the economy and create jobs. That's cool.

Note that he mentioned 'waterways'; that's where we come in. If we can do our part to help the economy in even a small part by sharing relevant waterways information with you from the revamped website, we'll do it. We'll be keeping an eye out and letting you know if anything comes up that affects you, our favorite recreational boater.

As for now, please enjoy's new video highlighting all the places you can visit through their new site and stay tuned for more information as we are alerted to it...

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