Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Don't Boat. Vote!

This Election Day is the only time we have ever advocated for people NOT to boat or fish... 

Sandy damage
Photo by Sean McQuilken © Nautical Sites Media

This is serious. We've seen warnings over the past few days from various agencies throughout the Northeast about staying off the water. Water hazards resulting from Sandy will likely exist until next spring, especially close to shore in places like Long Island Sound.

Over the weekend, the boating division of the Connecticut DEEP warned on their Facebook page that if you are planing to go out in coastal areas be aware that there is a lot of semi submerged debris. These hazards can be very difficult to see and can cause very serious damage to your vessel.

And just this morning, the Asbury Park Press reported the following announcement from NJ's DEP:
As a public health and safety precaution, the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection is advising recreational boaters, anglers and crabbers to temporarily avoid the waters of northern Barnegat Bay, from Barnegat Light to Point Pleasant, and is advising residents not to eat any fish, crustaceans or shellfish from these waters due to potential contamination from pathogens, such as bacteria and viruses.

Of course, many recreational boaters in NJ, NY and New England are staying off the water anyway. The temperature has cooled dramatically, and the forecast calls for another Nor'easter on Wednesday. More importantly, a lot of us are simply still recovering and cleaning up from the devastation brought on by Sandy.

But with the sun shining today and another storm on the horizon, there may be a few of you thinking about getting in one last day on the water... All we ask is that you please consider our plea if only for today. Don't boat, vote.

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