Friday, February 15, 2013

Miami and Moore

This weekend's events include the huge Miami Boat Show, boat shows in Boston and Detroit, and an appearance by Charlie Moore at the Northeast Fishing Show...  

If bad weather got in the way of your plans to go to a boating or fishing show last weekend, you've got plenty of chances to make up for it this weekend. Of course if you happen to be down that way there's the Miami Boat Show, one of the world's biggest industry events. And up in our home state of Connecticut, we've got the Northeast Fishing and Hunting Show displaying a few small to medium sized boats enough fishing gear to keep us entertained for a few hours.

Our boat show calendar has the official website address for each of this week's fishing and boat shows, and we list them all after the photo...


This Weekend's Boat Shows - February 15 - 17 18, 2013

If your event plans were ruined by weather in the Northeast last weekend, you're in luck. There are several shows around the country and in the NY and New England area this weekend, as well as the big show in Miami and one in Detroit. Here's the weekend rundown...

Miami International Boat Show - With multiple locations and an extended schedule that takes advantage of the holiday on Monday, you won't want to miss this show.

Northeast Fishing and Hunting Show - Right in our back yard in Hartford, CT, so we're big fans of this event. There are quite a few boats on display.

This is the first weekend of two week-long boat shows as well: 

The Detroit Boat Show in Michigan and the New England Boat Show in Boston. Both shows are significant and worth attending if you're in the area

Turns out there are two boat shows in New York this weekend...
The Long Island Boat Show was so difficult to get to last weekend because of the snow, they have extended their hours to include this weekend. 

And upstate, there is the Central New York Boat Show at the New York State Fairgrounds in Syracuse.

For more info on these and other events this weekend, check out our boat show calendar.


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