Friday, April 05, 2013

Marine Product Review: Marine Paint

In this week’s Marine Product Review, see why Pettit makes one of the most popular paints for boaters...

Pettit Marine Paint Review
For the latest installment of the Daily Boater's Marine Product Review, Mark Sutton of checked out a can of Pettit Hydrocoat Marine Paint.
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Read on for our review of Pettit Hydrocoat Marine Paint...

Pettit Hydrocoat Marine Paint

Pettit’s Hydrocoat is the world's best selling water-based anti-fouling paint.  Yes, the best selling paint from one of the best known brands.  Hydrocoat is available in blue, green, red and black.
It is recommended that two coats be applied with an additional coat at the waterline. Hydrocoat offers multi-season protection, although this generally depends upon the conditions and number of months that your boat is in the water as the ablative surface wears away with use.  However, Hydrocoat is durable enough to withstand beaching and trailering.

Hydrocoat is an easy to apply ablative antifouling paint that has a 40% copper rating and complied with air pollution VOC regulations making it environmentally friendly.  Hydrocoat is a single biocide antifouling that prevents hard growth with the addition of Teflon to help prevent algae/slime and improve performance, however in high soft fouling areas the product may be challenged. Pettit will be releasing Hyrdocoat SR that will aggressively combat slime & algae.

Hydrocoat is compatible with all products except for Micron 66 because it’s also water based.

Instructions for use:
If the paint has been on the shelf for several months. It is necessary to thoroughly mix the paint before using. If possible, shake the can of paint on a mechanical paint shaker. Before using, check the sides and bottom of the can to make sure all the pigment has been mixed in. If mixing is going to be done with a wooden paddle or an electric drill mixer, pour off half of the liquid from the top of the can into another can and then properly mix in any settled pigment; then remix the two parts together thoroughly.

Hydrocoat is very easily applied by brush, roller or spray. When rolling, the following technique will help ensure a smoother finish: Thin the paint approximately 5-10% with clean fresh water. Then wet the surface to be painted thoroughly with clean fresh water as well. This aids the "hold out" of the coating, resulting in a truer color and smoother finish. Slight variations in color and surface texture are not uncommon and should not be viewed with dismay. The surface quickly smooths itself once in the water and any mottling of the color will diminish as well.

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