Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Dogs Ahoy

Have fun and keep your dog safe while boating this summer...

A new online store has crossed our radar screens that we're sure you're going to love - especially if you love your dog as much as (or more than) you love your boat. DogsAhoy.com was launched this week with the goal of helping you enjoy your furry friends, on and off the boat.

We checked out DogsAhoy.com and found that it is a fun and easy place to buy must-haves like doggy life jackets and water ski rope inspired leashes. They also have lots of stuff for land lubber dogs, including personalized pup blankets as well as toys that your dog will enjoy while giving his or her friends a good laugh.

According to a recent press announcement about the website, they are planning on adding many more products over the next few months that your dog will be sure to enjoy. If you're like us, and you can't wait, you can check them out now at www.DogsAhoy.com

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