Friday, August 02, 2013

Boats on the Beach

Sealegs announces the North American release of its new luxury boats with wheels...

Sealegs boat on the beach
That's no trailer... Those wheels are part of the boat!

Any boater that has ever wished they could drive their boat right out of the water and across the beach like James Bond will appreciate this announcement from Sealegs, the world’s leading manufacturer of boats that travel on both land and water.

Today, Sealegs announced the launch of two new boats that can easily be launched from beaches, lakefronts, riverbanks and other land areas with direct access to water. Read on after the next photo for more details and a video...

Sealegs on the water
The new Sealegs Cabin Boat cruises at up to 45 mph on the water.

The 7.7m (a little over 25 feet) RIB and Cabin boats feature technology initially designed for military and water rescue use that allow the vessels to swiftly transform from all-terrain vehicles to ocean-going powerboats, all at the push of a button. Since the boats are able to drive on land as well as in and out of the water with ease, this allows for quick and easy access to your favorite boating spots.

“Created with great expectation in terms of design and functionality, the 7.7m RIB and Cabin models have been in development for more than three years,” states Sealegs Co-Founder David McKee Wright. “We listened to the insights and requests of our customers, and developed must-have crafts that build on our state-of-the-art technology and design, resulting in superior products that provide even more luxurious indulgence on and off the water.”

Sealegs states that their new hydraulic wheel system provides a quieter extension and retraction of the wheels, and provides a more pleasurable ride on the water. The Generation 3 inboard motor technology driving the hydraulic power is quieter, more reliable and less dominant in the design of the entire boat than previous configurations. The new boats also feature all-wheel drive, as well as significantly more space and layout options. The hull is 5mm aluminum with an outboard pod suitable for a 200HP engine (150HP is standard), allowing for a top speed of about 45 MPH on the water.

“The expectation is that these new features will create even more opportunity and demand for Sealegs in the traditional boating market, where customers are looking for space, innovation and ease of use,” added David McKee Wright.

Pricing starts at $159,000 for the new 7.7m RIB and $179,000 for the 7.7m Cabin.

Sealegs has their US headquarters outside of Boston, Massachusetts, but you can find a local dealer or learn more about them at

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