Friday, August 30, 2013

Labor Day Boating Safety Reminder

Getting the message about boating safety is more important than ever on Labor Day weekend... 

Labor Day boating accidents
See below / full story for full graphic

We have seen several emails and notifications from the Coast Guard and other organizations about boating safely over the summer, and they have really ramped up as we have approached this holiday weekend.

Most of the text-based press releases were loaded with startling statistics and bullet points, but truthfully a lot of them went in one ear and out the other. However, one particular message which we received from a law firm in Texas really grabbed our attention.  Following is just the boating-related portion of the info-graphic we received, which was titled, "4 Elements of a Safe Labor Day Celebration"

Obviously, the boating tips are relevant for our readers, but you should keep all four categories of safety warning in mind this weekend. After all, you've got to drive to your boat, don't you? And of course you're going to have a BBQ or a fire pit - it's Labor Day Weekend, isn't it? And if the weather holds up, you'll be out in the bright sun all day on your boat. So read on, be safe, and enjoy the holiday weekend! 

Below are full graphics of the 4 Elements of a Safe Labor Day message, courtesy of consumer safety attorney Jason Franklin,

Labor Day Water Safety

Labor Day Fire Safety

Labor Day Earth Safety Driving

Labor Day Sun Safety

Labor Day Sun Safety Tips

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