Thursday, September 05, 2013

DC Police Boat Crash Caught On Video

Washington D.C. police boat crashes into docked boats while responding to a call...

Video of DC police boat crash
Screen shot taken from YouTube video by Ajay Jaafar.
Couldn't stop watching this video when we came across it. This is a good lesson for new boaters about how boats turn at high speeds. It can be like driving a car on sand or an icy road - a sharp right turn of the wheel may point the front of your vehicle in the expected direction, but the rear or entire vehicle may still continue to slide to the left. Of course, substitute starboard, bow, stern, and port, respectively, when specifically referring to boats.

The person who caught the video on his phone stated that he was walking by the Potomac River and noticed two police boats. When the first one took off with sirens blaring, he started filming the second boat just in time to catch it crashing. 

Fox News later reported that D.C. police released a statement this week saying the unit was responding to a call that two people had jumped off a boat and were swimming towards the Lincoln Memorial. The article also clarified that the damaged civilian boat was docked at Washington Harbor in Georgetown.

Whatever the circumstances, the video is worth a look. Another interesting thing in the video is the last few seconds, when they show the damaged boat tied up and rocking... is that a small square seat cushion hanging from the side being used in place of a traditional fender?

DC Police Boat Crashes into docked boats on the Potomac

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