Thursday, May 15, 2014

The Fastest Growing Water Sport

A new inflatable SUP is making waves with boaters, and our exclusive $100 discount code will help you get in on the action...

We couldn't find the original journalistic-quality source for this statistic, but a quick Google search - or a quick glance around virtually any lake or beach - will tell you that Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP) is the fastest growing water sport in the world.

If you've already tried boarding, you probably are not surprised by the growth of this sport. But what if we told you that we found a new SUP that is lightweight, compact and portable enough to take on almost any boat? Read on for more on the basics of stand up paddleboards and our exclusive Bigfish $100 discount code...

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Stand Up Paddleboards and Boaters

Girls gliding on SUP
Walking on water. Photo courtesy Bigfish Paddleboards
One of the attractions of paddleboarding is how cool it looks when you see other people doing it... it sort of looks like they are on a moving sidewalk at the airport, standing up and gliding across the water.

Or maybe there's the Huck Finn adventure aspect to it, standing on a raft with a paddle in your hand making your way down the river.

We love the view! Standing up on your SUP, you certainly have a better perspective than you do from the bench or floor of a kayak, canoe or dinghy. And because of the wide beam and thickness when compared to a surfboard, SUPs are easy enough for any beginner to stand up on right away without any training.

The activity is so fast-growing, that dozens of manufacturers are making boards of all shapes and sizes for expert paddle boarders who have become connoisseurs in their sport, looking for an edge in speed, maneuverability, and handling the surf.

carrying a light SUP
Lightweight? Heck Yeah! Photo courtesy Bigfish.
But what about the rest of us?
Family fun and space on our boats are among our top priorities. We understand that the causal beginner to intermediate boarder doesn't need a specialized board for each member of the family. Besides, who wants to lug 2, 3 or more different 10' hard boards everywhere?

BIGFISH Paddleboards entered the market in 2013 with a flagship paddleboard that they believe is the perfect solution for about 80% of the market, and possibly 99.9% of boaters. If you are not already an expert paddleboarder or if portability is important to you, then going with a BIGFISH is your best bet.

The key benefit that BIGFISH has is that they use the latest technology to make an INFLATABLE paddleboard that is as stable and durable as a non-inflatable board. Think "RIB" boats, which are good enough to be used by the Coast Guard and other military and rescue organizations.

Bigfish SUP backpack paddle pump kit
Backpack, pump, paddle included!
The reason we think an inflatable SUP is a huge advantage for boaters is because of the portability. These things roll up like a sleeping bag for compact storage on your boat, and inflate easily with the included high compression hand pump in about 5 minutes. We tested one ourselves, and it actually took only 4 minutes the first time. This makes these boards a viable take-along for even a center console, pontoon or cuddy cabin. The fact that they come with a large-but-manageable knapsack that holds the rolled up board as well as the included pump and paddle is a huge bonus for any boater. Everything you need to take an SUP with you on your next adventure.

The BIGFISH SUP Deal for Daily Boaters
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