Thursday, August 31, 2017

Free Boating App Has Hurricane Heads Up

BoatUS released a timely new feature on its app to provide hurricane alerts in addition to many other useful tools for boaters. Details are provided in the following press release from BoatUS...

Boat US App with Hurricane Alerts

In addition to helping any recreational boater call for a tow or soft ungrounding; get tide, weather, and marine conditions; or share your location with friends and family, the New BoatUS App now offers a hurricane-alert feature just in time for peak storm season. To download the free updated app, go to

“Download the new app, sign up for a free account and you’ll automatically be notified with detailed storm information each time NOAA begins tracking one headed your way,” said BoatUS Digital Innovation Manager Mike Vatalaro. “As the storm nears, you’ll get more frequent updates, or you can choose to silence them. It all depends on your needs for implementing your boat’s hurricane plan.”

In addition to water dispatch, the app is the fastest way to summon roadside assistance for a flat tire or other troubles while you’re trailering your boat. BoatUS has more than 13,000 roadside-assistance service providers ready to safely handle boat-trailer breakdowns.

The app also helps BoatUS members find discounts on fuel, transient slips, and marine services, but now makes it easier to file an insurance claim, update policy or membership information, or pay bills.

As the Boat Owners Auto Club, BoatUS offers TowBoatUS on-water Unlimited Towing Memberships for freshwater boaters and anglers for just $72 a year and $149 for saltwater, and both include BoatUS membership. The TowBoatUS towing fleet offers more than 300 locations and 600 towing assistance vessels across North America. BoatUS Unlimited Trailer Assist provides up to 100 miles of on-road towing for both tow vehicles and boat trailers for just $38 annually and includes BoatUS membership.


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