Sea Songs

Sea Song of the Week

Each week we post a nautical tune to help get your weekend off to a great start, even if you can't get out on the boat. We call it our Sea Song of the Week, and we usually do it on Friday. It's not a new song, and sometimes it's totally random, but it almost always includes a reference to a boat or water.

The hardest part for us is trying not to repeat a song that we've already posted, at least not the same version. Requests are welcome, but please check our archives first to see if we've already done the song you are suggestion. Send us an email with your favorite Sea Song at and let us know if it's okay to use your name on the site.

Here are some of the songs we've shared so far:
The Sea Songs of 2012
The Sea Songs of 2011

The Sea Songs of 2010

The Sea Songs of 2009
We started the Sea Song of the Week way back in 2002 on FirstBoat, but it got boring without video. So, we stopped and waited a couple of years for YouTube to be invented. We picked it up again sporadically from 2006 to 2008 here on the Daily Boater, and have now been posting songs (almost) every single week since late in 2009.

You can also find many of our picks for Sea Song of the Week at the Daily Boater channel on YouTube: